Mythili Initiative


The current state -

  Please take a moment to look around us. We are surrounded by immorality and corruption. Yes, we have also evolved a robust police department and a matching judiciary, but do the problem creators really respect and abide by these institutions? To the people who have less than moral values, no police department can force them to follow the righteous path, no judicial enquiry is going to correct their evil designs. To them, it is just going to be a week or two in jail and then they are going to find some judicial loop hole to get out. Till now no judicial review has been able to bring the real culprits to book. For the culprits, they just have to throw around a few more dollars to get around a judicial review or judgement.


So what is the point?


I believe that the point is.. no police department or judiciary or any form of societal policing is as efficient as fear of god. I believe that fear of the omnipresent is the ultimate deterrant to morally loose people to prevent them from committing acts of corruption or damage to society. But, If you know that a lightning will strike you blind the moment you accept a bribe then you will always fear bribe and never accept one.

Now, our society and the current generation has grown up to be atheist for the most part. This has resulted in most of us testing the realms of acceptable morality. So we cannot really turn around our generation to become god-fearing but what we can do is to make the next generation to respect the omni-present thereby leading to a better society for tomorrow.


Therefore -


It is my humble attempt to re-invigorate the brahmins so that they turn back to their old profession of practising the vedas and spreading the knowledge of god. This is in the hope that, the next generation of brahmins will once again be scholars in vedic knowledge and use ancient wisdom to answer our questions to distinguish between the eternally opposing paths of right and wrong.

For the average hindu child, I am trying to create a vedic syllabus which will teach them the basics of vedic knowledge, astrology, itihasa-puranas and our classical music/arts which they can use in their daily lives and which will also help them identify a guru for themselves in their pursuit of vedic wisdom.

Hopefully we are able to create a society which has a balanced diet of science and religious philosophy so that the human race continues to grow and expand albeit without the currently inherent problems of corruption and immorality.



Primary Goal:

To inform, educate and encourage Brahmins to send their sons to Veda padashalas for 8 years of training in veda-adhyayana and agamas specifically starting at the age of 7 or 8 and then take up 10th standard exams through NIOS (National Institute of Open Schooling) at 15 years without losing anything in terms of age. Immediately after this they can enter mainstream professions by taking up 11th and 12th in any CBSE or state board based local school.


Secondary Goal:

To release temples from government control as well as setup trusts for them as and when they gain independence. The deeds of these trusts should be worded in such a manner as to encourage the establishment and maintenance of..


1. A veda padashala for the temple priests

2.A school which includes a vedic syllabus for the populace living near the temple and which helps children from the veda padashala to complete normal schooling.

3. A college teaching BA (Sanskrit). BL and BA (Sanskrit) Commerce/CA with preference for the temple priest's children.


This will hopefully evolve an eco system of god-fearing families around the temple and also nourish the priest's progeny to both engage in vaideeham and mainstream work.



Tertiary Goal:

Push a vedic system based plug-in syllabus called Mythili Syllabus to be accepted by the normal population and schools. This Mythili syllabus is intended to teach the basics of vedic studies, agamas, the 18 puranas, 2 itihasas, vedic astrology, determining good dates and times before the child reaches 9th standard. This syllabus will include arts classes for classical dance, musical instruments and singing along with Sanskrit and is planned to be taught through story book reading sessions. This syllabus is currently being worked on. We are targeting vijayadasami of 2020 to release the syllabus and present it for public consumption. This plug-in vedic syllabus is only intended to take one extra hour of class per day and is intended as a tool to provide tomorrows generation with multiple talents in arts, a taste of our culture, a respect for our customs and a moral compass.


Final Goal:

Setup firms in the field of law, accounting, computer hardware and software to employ the Sanskrit scholars that the first three goals should generate. Law firm has been setup and three initial lawyers have been hired. It will start operations this Vijayadhasami of 2019. Currently working on plans to setup a computer hardware and software firm also targeting Vijayadhasami of 2019 for start of operations.


The Mythili initiative will be broken into two campaigns.


Campaign 1 - This will encompass Primary and Secondary Goals and is targeting either Vijayadasami of 2019 or January 2020 as a start date.

Campaign 2 – This will encompass Tertiary Goal and is targeting Vijayadasami of 2020 as start date.

Both campaigns will primarily be television and online advertisements in Tamil, Hindi and English Languages. Television Channels targeted will be Hindu Religious Channels like SVBC or Sri Sankara and can be extended to mainstream channels depending on funds availability.


Save Paarambaryam:

I believe this will be very helpful for people who are interested in their boys taking up vedic education to save our paarambaryam from disappearing, but were concerned that they will not have a financially strong career in IT, engineering or medicine like other kids their age.

Save money:

Even though money may not be a criteria when educating our own kids, it must be noted that the current schools charge in Lakhs of rupees for our children to attend their schools. Compared to this Veda Padashalas teach our kids veda parayanam at absolutely minimal costs, So middle and low-income Brahmin families need not spend so much money for their kid’s education. They have to pay for their kids 10th, 11th and 12th standard education only.


This National Institute of Open Schooling is a national initiative on the part of the Central Government. They require the student to register on their website for taking the 10th standard exams. They also have a requirement that the registered student has to attend a few on-site classes at specific schools in their locality where classes will be held for 10th standard. All these information and more can be obtained by visiting their website


Please send your boys aged 7 and above to veda padashalas for vedic education.


Please call or email me if help is needed in identifying veda padashalas for your children or other issues.




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