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I, P.V.Krishnan, am an orthodox tamil brahmin from the South Indian state of Tamilnadu. My intention is to bring Veda Patashala education into the mainstream so that it is held with the same importance as one would give a CBSE or Matriculation education.


                                                  Mythili Initiative


As of June 2019, I am starting what I call the "Mythili Initiative" . This is basically aimed at Vedic Renaissance. It is also a comprehensive attempt to release indian temples from governmental control and initiate societal change in the lives of all Indians all over the world so they understand and rever what the Vedic Knowledge has to offer.


Please read through the website under the section(Tab) titled "Mythili Initiative" for a better understanding of what the Mythili Initiative is all about and what it is trying to accomplish.


Venkatakrishnan Parthasarathy Trust has been established for pursuing this. Kindly donate if possible.


Account number 154305001450

Ifsc number: ICIC0001543

Bank: ICICI Bank, Triplicane Branch., Chennai, India

Name: Venkatakrishnan Parthasarathy Trust

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