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My work is towards realisation of a hindu renaissance in the real world and is in the Not For Profit sector aimed towards society and societal reform. For this purpose, a trust has been created to fund the initiative. Further, I have planned some businesses also to help fund the trust. Please check appropriate tabs for details.


For the non-Hindu Indians, I will not interfere in their beliefs. Their belief systems are their own choice. So I cannot really tell anyone to stop believing in Jesus or Allah and say Ram Naam Sathya Hai from now. This is because I believe it is the fault of my forefathers who did not defend their forefathers resulting in their conversion to other religions. When the fault of their creation lies within me, how can I ask someone to change their faith? So their choices are upto them, I just hope that in addition to their chosen faith, they also teach their children sanskrit and its culture as is the aim of the Mythili Initiative.


It is important to understand that the invaders have done so many things to kill our Hinduism, its a miracle that it has survived. It was the case that gurukulams were the mainstay of our cultural education system before the 18th century. Everyone including both brahmins and non-brahmins went to these gurukulams and learnt the 64 aaya kalaigal. They then chose their profession based on which kalai/work or art they were most proficient in. There was no Kula Kalvi.


In 1813, the british east india company came up with the land reforms act in which they took away all the lands of all gurukulams in our country. This meant that all the lands of gurukulams were taken away and all the gurukulams were forced to shutdown. Then 1835, the same invaders came up with the English Education Act which forced convents to be built to teach english education to Indians. And in the in-between 22 years, there were no education schools in India causing an entire generation to loose traditional knowledge. When we say gurukulams, we characterise them as places where vedic knowledge was being taught. But this is wrong, there were gurukulams for each line of work before 1813 and our educational system was flourishing but was stamped out by the invaders in 1813. Further in 1835 when the English Education Act came up, they allowed only christian missionaries to run these convents which furthered their own interest of religious conversions.


Realising the above, I hope more people begin understanding the invaders and what they have done. Hopefully, this will enthuse those who converted, to also think about sanskrit and vedic education for their children to return to the fold of bharathiyatha.