Required Legal Interventions


1. Reform Labour Laws so everyone goes home in the evenings and spends time with family. I believe that once the mothers are at home to receive their children when they come back from school, the mothers will eventually teach our culture to their children and our Indianness will live.


2. Reform Media.. recently most of our media has come to be controlled by foreign ownership especially online and a few television groups also. We need to question and stop the spread of inappropriate content to just about every age group that these people can reach. The best example is the supposed webseries propagated and funded by organisations like Amazon Prime and Netflix. These webseries invariably inject atleast one sequence which requires age appropriate viewing. But these are fed to every person irrespective of age in India.


3. Nationalize management of online space and online resources atleast for the duration till the private industry is able to come up with alternatives for the monopoly of google and its subsidiaries, namely android. This will help our citizens privacy from being sold to google which invariably supplies this data to the spy agencies of its own government. Therefore, at a minimum, we need a national smartphone and PC operating system, email service, mapping software and a microprocessor. These have to be created and managed by the central government and should be made available to the indian public free of cost.


4. Tax Evasion by foreign controlled enterprises.. For Example, google employs a lot of indians in india through its own arm or its subsidiaries. They are now declaring billions of dollars profits. It is important to analyse how much the indian wing has contributed to this profit and where exactly this profit is being made. Appropriate action in this domain can lead to substantial increase in tax revenue which can be re-invested in the national interests like the online space.


5. Pursue Iraq war crimes and crime of aggression by Americans by synchronising with wikileaks boss and file relevant legal action so Bush gets hanged in the next 10 years publicly.