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January 2020:


I realise that I cannot disconnect brahmin upliftment from overall societal upliftment. Therefore corruption becomes a key point. I will be looking into what I can do as an ordinary citizen.


September 16th 2019:


Have registered the company P.V.Krishnan Investments in Melbourne to try and create funds for my Mythili Initiative. The law firm did not take off. But I have been able to make some connections.


June 17th 2019:


I am officially starting the "Mythili Initiative" today.


June 3rd 2019 :


We are opening our Law firm this year vijayadhasami day on October 8th 2019. The law firm will mainly concentrate on helping Hindu temples, poor brahmins and fighting morally questionable legal decisions. We will also take up everyday cases for a fee after a consultation. Do leave a message on our website for further information


August 21st 2017 :


I obtained Australian PR in March 2017 and went to australia for stamping in May 2017. I did look at the possibility of building a temple at Hobart, Tasmania as there is no temple there at present. But now that is on hold as I have returned to India to pursue our original goal of upliftment of veda padashalas.


I have contacted a few interested and influential people of today. I am now preparing for my cross country journey across tamilnadu to personally meet padashala teachers to spread information about Open Schooling for Xth and XIIth standard.


November 29th 2016 :


Our company was officially registered with the MCA, Govt of India. We hope to create and manage funds for developing vedic education across our state of tamilnadu and eventually across India.

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