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15th September 2020, Tuesday


I restarted my trading systems in August 2020. It had given me 7 percent returns on the first month so I decided to double my investment in the account. Unfortunately, the increase in equity when a few trades were still running caused the system to loose stability resulting in a  downturn and net loss of 18% in the account on September 1st but the system rebuilt and is now almost on 0 loss on September 14th itself quite a come back in the last 14 days if I say so myself... Hopefully, it starts profitting again. I will never add equity again when there are still live trades on the system. I just learnt its a big mistake.


Hopefully, I get investors for this system in the next three months and I can use the profits for my Mythili Initiative.


31st July 2020, Monday


Most world economies are now in rebuilding phase. Hoping to generate business at this time in Australia. My business interests are in Real Estate, Agriculture and Forex. Currently lending rates are sub 2% in the home loan markets. Should be an excellent time to Invest. Trying to see if I can get investments from India to Australia legally through my company P.V.Krishnan Investments.


Planning to return to India by July 23rd flight to see what I can do.


14th July 2020, Tuesday


I made my first attempt at establishing an investment line of business and contacted a financial services company in India. The hope is to get potential investors in India to come and invest in Australia through my company in Melbourne. The prime areas of focus would be investments in Real Estate, Agriculture and Forex


17th May 2020, Sunday


My basic aim is to preserve the teachings of our culture across future generations while allowing for growth. All through Indian and Tamil history, brahmins have always been advisors and raja gurus in the Kings Court. I plan to encourage the brahmins to take up similar duties in the future and relegate or curtail their activities to temple, advising the government, law, accounting, teaching and R&D so that they can build and guide people using the vedic knowledge to form a better society without being seduced by the concept of wealth and money.


Following this, I will be starting at my home and have the following plan for my kids.


1. My kids will grow up in triplicane upto 7 years

2. They will attend the largest veda patasala at their age of seven operating in Tamilnadu (Raja Veda Padasala) for next 8 years

3. After this they will attend Acharya School operated by Bhattar Kuzham in Srirangam till they finish high school

4. They will attend a law school near Srirangam and also complete a Chartered Accountant degree simultaneously. Proximity to Srirangam is chosen so that they can practise vedic tradition also in their formative years.

5. After getting their degree, they can choose what to do


But we cannot wait for 23 years before my kids can come onto the stage. Therefore I will be starting with sponsoring 1 child who has completed 8 years of veda padasala studies to continue his studies in Acharya school operated by Bhattar Kuzham in Srirangam. I will be working with Acharya Schools to provide a choice of study of Economics or any field of engineering to the veda padasala graduate based on his interests. For economics, basic high school + core bachelors degree curriculum will be followed and for the different fields of engineering, video lectures from IIT will be used to teach the kids. Hopefully when he finishes his High School, he will have strong foundations in his field of interest and will be ready to take up a Law and Chartered Accountant degree.


The kid will also be allowed to practise his vedic knowledge during his high school time so he learns the purport of what he learnt in the veda padasala. Being in the lap of Srirangam is expected to aid this. We will also try to teach him English, Hindi and either Russian or Chinese before he graduates high school


Hopefully, this method of grooming will enable him to advise the highest echelons of government. This should help improve the standard of living of every Tamil or Indian in India.


For this purpose of sponsoring the first student to take up western curriculum after vedic studies, I seek to collect a total of 10,000 Rupees.



April 2020


The trading system that I setup in January 2020 closed out due to the market fluctuations caused by the Covid 19 Pandemic. Unfortunate. Now I have to restart after the pandemic is over.

September 2019

Mythili Initiative was born on one of my many flights to Australia. It was merely a collection of or coagulation of all my thoughts on what I really wanted to do.
P.V.Krishnan Investments was also born in Melbourne for forex based financial investment services.
May-June 2019
Realised the need to develop a defensive arm to fight for temples in the eventual fight to rejuvenate veda padashalas. Therefore tried to setup a law firm and interviewed candidates from SASTRA. The law firm did not take off on Vijayadhasami day as planned but I am still in contact with the grads. We are planning to re-look at the thought for a law firm - possibly a law and audit firm to employ the brahmins graduating veda padasalas so they too can enter mainstream society in a financially settled role.
August 2017
Returned to India and decided to go on a cross country journey across tamilnadu to see what I can do to help Veda Padashalas.
March 2017
Got Australian PR and decided to try Australia. Moved to Hobart.
February 2017
The bid for the oil contract was lost.
December 24th 2016
Started on my journey to see if I can contribute to the Indian society which gave birth to me. I started to record my thoughts on Tamilbrahmins.com. The link to that thread in Tamilbrahmins.com website (external) is given below.
November 28th 2016
Venkatakrishnan Parthasarathy Pvt Ltd was born after much last minute rush to get into the Oil contract bidding for DSF (Discovered Small Fields -I). The DSF had been a step to work towards self-sufficiency of India in the Oil/Energy sector by the government.
November 2015
I returned to India after 5 years in Singapore. I was looking to settle down but had no clue the numerous twists and turns that were still not taken in my life.