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We are a family of Sri Vaishnava Thenkalai Iyengars based out of Chennai. I have travelled to foreign countries for work and education. I completed my masters in engineering through a full scholarship. I paid only for my flight ticket to america. My research during my Masters is published as a book and is available on Amazon.com Currently I also hold an Australian PR.


History tells us that it was Acharyan Sri Ramanuja who guided the masses by teaching the common populace about the omnipresent being called God. This was in 1017 - 1137 CE.


This firm was started with the noble intention of following in Sri Ramanuja's footsteps. We intend to use our profits for funding Veda Padasalais across tamilnadu. The general goal is to create some sort of an education conglomerate or university which teaches all things related to the four vedas, the vaidheehan's life style and at the same time provides for education uptil the standard of a B.A Degree of the current western curriculum. If we exceed our dreams and expectations in terms of profit, then the intention would be create a research oriented establishment for the study of vedic education and see how it can benefit society.


We hope this will create a new set of enlightened youngsters who are champions of our culture who are also well-versed in the scientific line of thought.


I am not interested in eating, sleeping and using the toilet everyday and doing nothing else. I would like to say that I was born here and I did something in my lifetime. I would like to do something for society that is long standing and also push our people to the forefront of every frontier that humanity can touch.. be it technology, research, societal change or human rights.




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