Mythili Initiative


The mythili initiative is fundamentally four-pronged -


Step 1. Re-invigorate the brahmins in India to try and establish the old knowledge base that was present before the persian invasions. This is proposed to be done by encouraging all brahmins to send their kids to veda padasalas to learn the vedic knowledge. These kids can then be encouraged to enter the mainstream by having them admitted to normal schools for their Tenth standard and Twelfth standard education or O levels and A levels as the case maybe.

Step 2. Re-instate Hinduism first in Tamilnadu and then among the populace of India.

Step 3. Provide the large international Indian diaspora spread across the world with a vedic syllabus which can be plugged into any country’s curriculum by adding an extra hour of class after school. The curriculum should include indian classical arts, study the basics of panchangam to help understand the lunar calendar, study of basic scriptures and the study of sanskrit.

Step 4. Establish centres of excellence in all major cities, possibly named as Mythili Estates which will be centres of education where courses in law, mathematics/accounting as well as commerce and business are taught as dual degrees combined with a B.A degree in vedic sciences. They will also house one temple which runs a veda padasala following the traditional form of teaching and will have an agraharam for the brahmins to live and sustain the centre. We can add housing for the local populace and other addendums as described later in this document.

These four steps are to be concentrated on in parallel and is not intended to be executed sequentially one after the other.


It is hoped that this four pronged strategy would be enough to enthuse and give an opportunity for the next generation of indians to embrace the essence of vedic knowledge. Where they go from there is upto them.


Venkatakrishnan Parthasarathy Trust and Venkatakrishnan Parthasarathy Pvt Ltd has been established to support this initiative.