Desi First



A sub-initiative to ensure Steps 2 and 4 in Mythili initiative are achievable


The idea is to form self help groups for locals in India and expats in foreign countries across state/language lines.


Eventual aim is to create a centre of learning or sanskrit university locally and hand over the responsibility to it.



Basic Questionnaire


1. Name :

2. Phone :

3. Locality : (in Melbourne??)

4. Full Address :

5. Brahmin : Yes No

6. Are you willing to join Desi First group (text/mailing list)? Yes No

    If Yes to 6 then answer rest of the questions

7. Are you willing to head Desi First group in your locality? Yes No

8. List of Kids Names, age and sex.


If Yes to 5, first verify the person, then arrange special meetings in temples for advise on kids joining veda padasala, sloka classes and parambaryam

If Yes to 7, first verify the antecedants of the person. Hide Selection Criteria


Preliminary Steps / Guidelines


A. Create Text/Mailing list for people willing to HEAD local groups – To be handled by vedic society or Mythili Initiative people.

B. Head of local groups to form their own Text/Mailing List groups


     - Heads to only connect ppl in need to appropriate people.

     - No Direct help should be given by Heads, this will be too much effort and the system will fail.


Preliminary Work of Desi First


Support Young families:


       - Give mothers copies of picture books to read bedtime stories to kids

       - Procure Vedic picture books, Amar Chitra Katha, etc.. for locals from India

       - Guide mothers on what to teach kids – half hour discussion on Fridays

       - Procure books of alphabets of mother tongue, hindi and sanskrit from India


Data Centre: (Everything Handwritten and verified by Bhattars, no soft copies)


      - Keep yearwise written files of horoscopes of kids

      - Keep areawise written files of all Indians with workwise subdivisions

      - One copy to be available with Vedic Society or Mythili Initiative ppl

      - Second copy to be available in temple library for public perusal

      - Local area heads to update second copy on a weekend basis

     - Parents of girls aged 21 and above should consult the current poojari or bhattar to refer suitable boys for marriage from the data centre.

      - Bhattars and poojari are expected to mark relevant horoscopes as married

      - Bhattars and poojari to synch first and second copy on June 30th and December 30th every year and fix any errors.


Compulsory meet every friday evening in temple